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Fact: Jason Mraz wrote this song about me.

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gettingbackme & helloyoubootifulthing Thank you for the encouragement!

Texas football is back!!!
2012 vs 2014

Texas football is back!!!
2012 vs 2014

Today is the 365th day in a row that I’ve logged my food on MFP. Here’s a look back at what I looked like when I began logging my food and a picture of me today on the 1 year anniversary! 


Tomorrow I will have logged my food on myfitnesspal.com for a streak of 365 days. To mark this occasion I have found a photo of myself taken last year in August which I will post tomorrow next to a photo of me today.

I’m blown away by how different I look and feel just 365 days apart and I almost can’t wait to show y’all!

While we’re on the topic, here are the reasons I log my food on myfitnesspal:

-because I have a pretty sweet streak going

-to show everyone that you can drink butter every day (and eat bacon and avocado and fats, more fat… Fat!) and lose a whole lot of weight

-no other reason

Wow - you are a true inspiration to everyone starting the journey to a healthy life (like myself) Thank you for sharing yourself and story with us all


Dude, thank you for the kind words. I appreciate it!
Good luck on your journey, though you don’t need it. You can and will do this thang!

Hey I just wanted to say that you're awesome and a big inspiration for me :) I logged on to tumblr by chance today and saw your lunch time photo: from when I first started following you (about a few months ago) to now, you have changed so much! it really shows me the value in those cliches about 'time passes anyways' or 'in 6 months you'll wish you changed today'. Congrats on the results of your hard work and thank you for being so awesome!!


You are way too kind! Thank you so much for the nice message. ☺️😊 😄

One day at a time, that’s what I always say.

It’s crazy, I’m about to hit 365 days in a row of logging my food on my myfitnesspal.com but it really doesn’t feel like that long ago. Time really does fly!

On my daily lunch break walk.

I’m glistening. My shirt is developing sweat spots around my neck in the process of making my coveted “sweat bib.” It’s crazy muggy outside and I forgot both my sunglasses AND my hair tie! 

Still, I’m glad to be out here doin’ my thing. 

My co-workers will, as always, marvel at my sweatiness upon my return.

On my daily lunch break walk.

I’m glistening. My shirt is developing sweat spots around my neck in the process of making my coveted “sweat bib.” It’s crazy muggy outside and I forgot both my sunglasses AND my hair tie!

Still, I’m glad to be out here doin’ my thing.

My co-workers will, as always, marvel at my sweatiness upon my return.

How did you lose weight

Short answer:
Baby Steps

Long answer:
I’ve made a lot of small changes to my daily routine. Right now, for example, I’m walking during my lunch break. Before my break I was standing at my desk (which I converted from a regular sitting desk to a standing station) and after work I plan on going to the grocery store and I’m going to park as far from the door as I can so that I can take more steps.

It might not seem like much, or it might seem like a lot, but it took me months to get to this point. When I began my new healthy lifestyle I used to sit at my desk at work for 9 hours and sit on my couch for the rest of the day when I got home. I used to get winded from walking to the mailbox. When I decided to change, I began by walking for 20 minutes on my treadmill at home once a day and not a minute longer because it was all my body could handle. After weeks of this, it dawned on me that I could save time by doing some walking on my lunch break. I used 15 minutes of my 60 minute lunch break every day until I felt that I could do more.. And now I walk for 30 minutes and I use the rest of my hour eating. The point I’m trying to make is that it took time for me to be able to stand at my cubicle all day, walk 2 miles on my lunch break and at least 2 more after work. This level of activity feels normal to me now, but I would never have gotten here if I had been too hasty and impatient with myself especially in the beginning.

Other changes which I could go on and on about but won’t because TLDR is a serious factor here:

- Self Esteem (love yo’ self)
- Sleep (get chu some)
- Water (hydrate!)
- paleo/primal (learn about foods, what foods will help you and what foods will harm you)

Work on yourself every day. You’ll be reaping the benefits before you know it.

What's your weekly weight loss like on paleo?


I was losing on average 2.5lbs a week the first 8 months or so. The most I ever lost in 1 week was 4 pounds, but that was early on.
The scale has slowed down in the recent months but the inches I’ve lost are still moving in the right direction.

Also! Do you count calories or try to stay in specific macros? Or do you just try to go for primal/paleo foods?

Naw, I never got into calorie counting. I just eat when I’m hungry and I try to eat high fat and low carb. It’s been working well for me so far 😄

Are you happy eating paleo? Do you feel deprived? What were your goals when you chose to start paleo? Just curious :)


Happy? Chea! The only problem w/ paleo is that butter is off limits, which goes against everything that I stand for. I consume butter via my coffee every single day and I don’t plan on stopping that ever. I consider myself “primal”.. especially cause I enjoy the occasional tequila shot.

I see food as fuel now so when I’m offered stuff like cheetos or a candy bar, it isn’t difficult to say “no thanks” to that stuff and eat bacon and avocado instead. No deprivation there! That being said, I do eat non-paleo stuff if I feel like it, but I don’t let it slow me down. I have goals which I work toward daily. A little non-paleo intake along the way isn’t going to slow me down.

My original goal when I began my paleo-ness over a year ago was to lose 173lbs. I’ve lost 131 so far. :D

Thanks for asking!

livingonlove80 Thanks for the follow! My advice is to dedicate yourself to eating healthy whole foods that are high in fat and low in carbs. Walk for a full 30 minutes a day or more if you can/want. Think positively, sleep well, drink water and never give up.

believemeyouareworthit No, YOU’RE awesome! 

Thanks for your awesome blog! I've been dabbling in paleo stuff for a few years but I can't seem to stay on track. Every time I really commit, I feel better for it but then I start slacking and eating worse again. I'm curious what tips you have for staying the course. Do you prepare foods ahead of time? Does your partner do it with you? Do you avoid all grains? Thanks!

Thanks for the compliment! 

I know what you mean, it’s not always easy to follow the paleo guidelines, especially when dealing with constant cravings for non-paleo foods. 

I prepare my meals daily, employing my trusty slow cooker every night. The only possible way for me to maintain this lifestyle is to accept that I’m going to have to cook every night, but the only way for me to cook every night is to make it as simple as possible… enter: Crock Pot. 

I always sing my crock-pot’s praises. It produces delicious moist meat that is so simple to prepare. It is pretty much the reason I’ve been able to stick to this new lifestyle for as long as I have. 

So yeah, I plan my meals and I make them simple and delicious with my crock pot. 

I’m also not so strict all the time, I definitely indulge in non-paleo stuff every once in a while. The problem with “cheat” foods is that they don’t react with my guts very well anymore so they’re very few and far between these days.

Eating non-paleo for a day or any amount of time should not deter you, in my opinion. Just get back on the horse and don’t look back. If you want a cookie, eat a cookie. If you want popcorn, eat some pop corn! (I did both of these on Saturday and they were delicious)

I am so lucky to have married this man, he is incredibly supportive. He’s gone paleo with me from the start and he cooks for me when I’m feelin’ lazy. He’s my rock! 

We do avoid grains 99.99% of the time. When peeps ask me if I can eat “this” or “that” I tell ‘em I can eat whatever I want, I just choose not to eat that (grains… sugar… canola oil…) a grand majority of the time.

Thank you for asking!! 


I really appreciate the people who have chosen to “follow” my little blog. Thank y’all.

Every new “follow” I get makes me feel guilty for not posting more stuff. It’s difficult to post photos/ selfies without feeling conceited so I try to limit that… And I’m not sure what else I could post…

So I encourage anyone to drop me a line. I’m an open book! Nothing (within reason) is off limits.

Yup, this is a plea for more asks… Anon or otherwise.

I’m still waiting on my first anon hater to show up. There’s so much to make fun of me for!